Microsoft a k a “mie kocok” next operating system

JUNE 1, 2011

Microsoft to Limit Tablets
Software Giant to Restrict Device Makers for Rollout of Coming Windows Product


Microsoft Corp. previewed a radical overhaul of its Windows operating system, but the company’s plans for controlling the new product’s rollout are raising concerns among hardware partners.

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Microsoft Corp.

A start screen of Microsoft’s coming new Windows operating system.

The forthcoming software is designed to better position the company in the fast-growing tablet computer market now dominated by Apple Inc.’s iPad and products that run Google Inc.’s Android software.

In a demonstration at the D9: All Things Digital conference on Wednesday, Microsoft executives said the new look of the product, code-named Windows 8, represents the most dramatic overhaul of the software since the company released Windows 95 almost 16 years ago.

Steven Sinofsky, president of the company’s Windows division, said the new operating system will also work with a traditional PC mouse and keyboard. The software borrows from the user interface of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone operating system for mobile phones, with a mosaic of squares and rectangles known as “live tiles” representing applications on the software’s home screen.
Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky Live at D9

Mr. Sinofsky said that Microsoft had “reimagined” its operating system for a “modern” set of uses and form factors. “We colored outside of the lines,” he said.

Microsoft, of Redmond, Wash., is also departing from past practice by restricting the number of hardware makers that initially can make devices using the new software, according to people familiar with the matter.

The software company selected chip makers Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Nvidia Corp., Qualcomm Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. to choose one hardware maker apiece to develop tablet and clamshell devices based on Microsoft’s mobile platform, these people said.

The chip makers will have to work with one development partner initially but can then later work with other hardware makers, the person added. Microsoft’s strategy, which emulates the way Google picks early partners to refine versions of Android, is seen by Microsoft as a way to maintain control over the development process and make sure hardware works well with Windows, a person familiar with the matter said.
A Better View of Windows

Key features of Microsoft’s next operating system
Aimed at tablets and smartphones as well as PCs
Adds support for ARM chip designs as well x86 chips
Chips should allow slim, fanfree devices with long battery life
A user interface suited to touch screens, not just keyboards and mice
No official release date; not expected before next year at the earliest

Source: Microsoft, WSJ research

But the plan has raised concerns about unequal treatment among PC makers that are used to a prior practice of releasing Windows to all hardware companies at once. It’s unclear which hardware makers are paired up with which chip makers, but a lot of the Taiwan companies have been excluded, one person familiar with the matter said.

“The industry does not belong to Microsoft, and it does not belong to Intel,” said Jim Wong, corporate president of Acer Inc., during the Computex trade show in Taiwan. “It belongs to all participants. They cannot make the decision for all of us. That is the problem.”

A Microsoft spokesman said the company continues “to talk regularly with hardware partners around the world as part of our development process.”

Mr. Sinofsky said users of Windows 8 can switch between applications by swiping on the screen with their fingers, while the on-screen tiles provide glimpses of fresh information downloaded from the Internet like Twitter messages and emails.
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The look is a big departure from the interface long familiar to users of Windows, the most used operating system for PCs in the world. But the company has been widely criticized for failing to adequately respond to the swift growth of the iPad. While there are tablets running Microsoft’s current Windows 7 operating system, they haven’t sold well in part because the devices haven’t worked as smoothly as Apple’s product.

Mr. Sinofsky declined to say when Windows 8 will be available, but said it won’t be by this fall. Microsoft is widely expected to release the product next year. In the only prior demonstration of its next operating system, Microsoft in January showed Windows running on ARM processors, a class of chips based on designs by ARM Holdings PLC that are standard on most smartphones and tablets.
—Geoffrey A. Fowler, Lorraine Luk and Don Clark contributed to this article.

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  1. Apakah bisa menyaingi dominasi iphone dan android?

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