Indonesia in Talks with France Over Possible Sale of Scorpene 1000 SSK

Indonesia memang butuh banyak kapal selam ..

Jane’s 08 Oktober 2015

Scorpene 1000 SSK (image : DCNS)

Indonesian government officials are in talks with French counterparts over a possible sale of the French-built Scorpene 1000 diesel-electric submarine (SSK), shipbuilder DCNS told IHS Jane’s on 7 October at the Pacific 2015 international maritime exhibition and conference in Sydney.

“The talks are going on at the government-to-government level, mostly to discuss the needs of the Indonesian Navy,” said DCNS.

“So far, what the Indonesians have identified is the need for a complementary submarine fleet that can fill in the gaps of their new ocean-going submarines, and they are considering the Scorpene 1000.”

The Indonesian Navy (Tentera Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL) currently operates two Cakra Type 209/1300-class SSKs and is awaiting the delivery of three Type 209/1400 conventional boats – widely referred to in Indonesia as the Chang Bogo class – from South Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME).

Scorpene 1000’s featute (image : mer et marine)

Indonesian media reports have also indicated that the country may be purchasing a number of ‘Kilo’-class SSKs from Russia, although a contract for these has not yet materialised.

“The Scorpene 1000 is an especially suitable platform for the Indonesian Navy, given the country’s archipelagic nature,” said DCNS.

“The platform has been designed to operate … in shallow waters and is very difficult to detect due to the depths associated with littoral waters.”

According to specifications provided by DCNS, the 50 m Scorpene 1000 has a surface displacement of about 1,000 tonnes. It has a maximum submerged speed in excess of 15 kt, a maximum range in excess of 4,000 n miles, and a submerged endurance of up to five days. It has a dive depth in excess of 200 m, and can accommodate 21 crew (with space for up to six divers).



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