PTDI Introduces N245 Aircraft

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03 Oktober 2016

N245 medium airlifter (all images : PTDI)

N245 aircraft designed by LAPAN Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional or National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, introduced by PT DI in its official website.

N245 is a further development of CN235 to accommodate 50 passengers, most suitable for commercial flight as feeder-liner to Jet aircraft or connecting between small airports. It is designed to comply with CASR 25 Transport Category.

N245 is the solution for the demanding requierements : short haul flights, spoke to spoke flights, special missions, combi versions, border cross flights, multi short-hop flights, charter flights, hub to spoke flights.

Cabin noise, stage length, design range at 48 pax, and operating cost per seat-nm of these aircraft could be illustrated in a graph.

N245 is a further development from CN235, the main differences are : engine, T Tail Shape, and removing ramp door.

Dash8-300 standard configuration have 50 seats capacity just like N245, meanwhile ATR42-600 can carry 48 passenegers and CN235-220C is able to carry 40 passengers.

N245 Flight Deck adopt the advanced glass cockpit technology system with high comfort for pilot and co-pilot. Therefore, it will guarantee flight safety and operation efficiency.

(Defense Studies)


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