Russia is Studying the Possibility Supply of “Varshavyanka” Submarines to Indonesia  

Kalau mau serius garap alih techno  lebih baik kerjasama dengan Rusia, India atau Swedia deh.. Negara lain spt USA, Europa, China dan Korea hanya mau jualan produk saja.. !
22 Oktober 2016

Kilo Project 636-M/636.3 Varshavyanka (photos : RIA, VPK)

MOSCOW -. RIA Novosti Russia is considering the possibility of supply of non-nuclear submarines of Project 636 “Varshavyanka” for Indonesia, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Anatoly Punchuk.

“The Asia-Pacific region are showing a steady interest in diesel submarines of Project 636 “Varshavyanka”. The ability to supply these boats are currently being worked with the Indonesian side.” – Punchuk said.

According to him, with partners conducted additional negotiations, during which discussed the technical details of cooperation.

Submarine project “Varshavyanka” refers to the third generation, have a displacement of 3.950 tons, submerged speed of 20 knots, dive depth of 300 meters, the crew of 52 people. In the modified boats 636 project above the combat effectiveness.

Their armed with torpedoes caliber 533 millimeter (six units), mines, shock missile system “Kalibr”. They can detect a target at a distance of three to four times greater than the one where they can detect the enemy. For these stealth submarine got in the NATO name “black hole”.

(RIA Novosti)


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