Indonesian Students See Off 300 International Competitors in Airbus Engineering Competitioni

Indonesia kalau udah urusan kompetisi memang oke.. Sayangnya ini tidak menjadi acuan urusan SDM Indonesia yang kualitasnya sangat parah !
Mirip dengan olimpiade matematika atau sains, Indonesia sering meraih juara,karena yang ikut kompetisi memang hasil seleksi keras.. Sebenarnya kompetisi ini mau melihat kualitas rata rata negara peserta . banyak wakil dari negara lain memang hasil seleksi dari sekolahnya saja yang ikutan olimpiade..
10 tahun rejim SBY, dengan menteri pendidikan yang (tulalit om ) dilanjut ke menteri pendidikan Jokowi, hasilnya kurang lebih masih sama.. tulalit telolet sdm Indonesia om…
The Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. Three Indonesian teams from two local universities have beaten 300 international competitors to progress to the second round of Airbus’ “Fly Your Ideas” competition.

Garuda Ganesha and Pocket Rocket from Bandung Institute of Technology and Swing from Diponegoro University impressed the competition’s judges which comprised 60 Airbus engineers from its factories in France, Germany, Spain and England.

The judges have selected the best 50 teams from 38 countries to compete in the second round of the competition in January.

Garuda Ganesha came up with an innovative way to increase space efficiency inside an airplane’s cabin, while compatriot Pocket Rocket designed a theme park filled with unused Airbus planes.

Swing meanwhile came up with the “Smart Winglet Controlled by Artificial Intelligence” concept, maximizing fuel efficiency and introducing a new aerodynamic shape for a plane’s winglet.

“‘Fly Your Ideas’ offers unique opportunities for students around the world to interact with our engineers, who would also have a chance to absorb fresh ideas from these young people,” Airbus executive vice president Charles Champion said in a statement.

The best team in the competition will receive $31,000 in prize money at the final in May 2017. The runner-up will get $15,600.


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