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Production of the first Prototype as part of the Indonesia Modern Medium Weight Tank Program in the first Quarter of 2017

05 Maret 2017

FNSS-PINDAD Modern Medium Weight Tank (photo: fallenpx)

Sharing that they made significant progress with their Indonesian partners regarding the medium weight class tank project conducted under the auspices of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Mr. Küçük continued, “Here, we are developing a tank in approximately 32-35 tons of weight. The weight will adjust based on the armor configuration over it. We are developing a tank with the weight suitable for the field in the given region.

The turret over the tank was directly selected by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. It has a 105 mm long turret and it has the turret’s own systems over it. We aim to develop our own turret systems with the Turkish Defense Companies and we wish to initiate the serial production with our own turrets. Our turret selected by Indonesia exists over the prototype at the moment. Engineers of our Indonesian partner PT PINDAD have been collaborating with us since the beginning of the project and throughout all development and production stages. We will be manufacturing the first prototype at the FNSS facilities.

Presently we started the production and the production of the first prototype will be completed by the first quarter of the coming year, and subsequently the engineers who were trained here and involved in all the processes will be manufacturing the second prototype with our support at PT PINDAD facilities.

The second prototype manufactured in Indonesia will be displayed in operation at a special day of the Indonesian Armed Forces on 5 October 2017 and afterwards the user acceptance tests will be launched and the Indonesian Army will be receiving the certification.”

(Defence Turkey)


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